What happens if I lose the bottle cap that is included with my dispenser?

Each time an empty water bottle is removed from a dispenser used in your home, the bottle cap is removed from the empty bottle and attached to a new full bottle of water.  The bottle cap won’t be lost as it is installed on the new replacement bottle.  Additional bottle caps may be purchased on JugMate.com


What happens if I lose the bottle cap when using the On-The-Go dispenser when traveling or on vacation?

When the dispenser is disassembled, the bottle cap and the faucet should be placed in a Ziploc bag, and the Ziploc bag should be placed in the dispenser case with the dispenser as shown in this video.  Additional caps and faucets may be purchased on JugMate.com if the original parts are lost.


 What happens if the water companies change the shape of their bottles?

JugMate has had contacted all of the relevant companies regarding this question, and all companies plan on using their current bottles for the foreseeable future.  Nestle Waters recently upgraded their 3-liter bottle with absolutely no plans of another upgrade. In the unlikely event that this happens, the changed bottle shape may not require any changes to the dispenser, and in the event that it does, JugMate will quickly manufacture a replacement collar for the new bottle and have it available on JugMate.com a.s.a.p.  Additionally, it should be noted that our 1-Gallon dispensers  currently accommodate Cyrstal Geyser, Roxane, Sprouts, and 365 1-Gallon water bottles.  And for purified water, JugMate’s 1-Gallon dispensers currently may be used with Kirkland, Kroger, refreshe, and Sprouts 1-Gallon bottles.